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Setting the Boundary

The Boundary of The Winterbournes Neighbourhood Plan is identical to the Parish Boundary.  The Map to the right gives the outline

The SHLAA Sites

Click on the Tabs below to see the sites that have been put forward by Landowners
The Boundary
Plan Boundary and Sites
The Winterbournes -  Neighbourhood Plan
© The Winterbourens Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group - 2015
SHLAA 026 Land Adjacent to the Portway and Down Barn Road SHLAA 090 Land between Winterbourne Earls Village Sch and the Railway Line SHLAA 091 Land between Summerlug Estate and the Railway Line SHLAA 092 Land between Winterbourne Earls Vicarage and the Railway Line SHLAA 118 Land Adjacent to Darby Su Cottage, Winterbourne Earls SHLAA 1045  Land adjacent to The Portway SHLAA 1055  Land Adjacent to East Farm Plan Boundary and Sites